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Expunge your Criminal Record!

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, the arrest will appear on your criminal history indefinitely until you have your record(s) expunged. Even if your case has been dismissed or if you are found not guilty at trial, the arrest will remain on your record. In other words, your records will not be automatically expunged at the termination of your criminal case.

The Expungement of a Criminal Case is Civil in nature and requires a Petition to be filed with the court and in some cases a hearing. Determining if one is eligible for expungement can be a difficult process without the help of a skilled attorney. Even if one is eligible for Expungement, the Expungement of a criminal record(s) is not a right, and it is within the discretion of the Presiding Judge to enter the order of Expungement.

Once a Criminal Record is Expunged in Illinois, it is physically destroyed

Why have anything on your criminal record if it can be expunged? Why wait to expunge your criminal record, if you are looking for; a new job, a new apartment, a Degree, or are trying to secure a Loan? Your Criminal record matters and it can have a serious effect on future opportunities and advancement. Why not give yourself the best chance to succeed and to take advantage of life's opportunities by starting anew with a clean slate? Our Attorneys will analyze your case and will give you a fair and honest assessment as well as a plan to clear your criminal history.

Sealing of Criminal Records

If you are not eligible to have your records expunged, you may still be eligible to have your records sealed. Sealing is an option for those with a conviction on their record. Unlike an expungement, the record is not destroyed, and the Illinois State Police and the Clerk's Office will seal the record and remove the petitioner's name from their electronic index. Government agencies can still access the file but only a judicial order can allow public view of the record.

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