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What is Probation?

Probation is a type of sentence that is usually granted in lieu of jail time. A sentence of Probation will usually result in a conviction on your criminal record for the type of criminal charge you have been sentenced. There are a few different types of probation, and each type of probation will have different requirements and/or Conditions. Specifically, conditions of probation may include:

1. Orders not to Violate and Criminal Statute of any Jurisdiction

2. Alcohol Counseling

3. Drug Counseling

4. Anger Management Counseling

5. Domestic Violence Counseling

6. Sex Offender Counseling

7. Random Drug Screens

8. Public Service Work

9. Stay Away Orders

10. Fines and Court Cost

A sentence of Probation requires a defendant to meet with a Probation officer provided by the Counties' Court Services. It is within the discretion of the Probation officer as to how your court obligated probation requirements will be monitored. A violation of any of your terms of Probation will trigger a Petition to Revoke your Probation to be filed against you.

What is Conditional Discharge?

Conditional Discharge is a type of sentence, much like Probation, without the reporting requirements. Like a sentence of Probation, a sentence of Conditional Discharge will usually result in a conviction on your criminal record for the type of criminal charge you have been sentenced. Similarly, sentences of Conditional Discharge can include the same conditions as Probation.

What is Court Supervision?

Court Supervision is a type of sentence, similar to the terms and conditions of probation, with one very distinct difference. Successful completion of the terms of your Court Supervision and a successful discharge, will result in no conviction being entered on your criminal record for that particular criminal charge. A court may order the same reporting requirements as probation, and you may be required to report to Court Services. The benefit of having Court Supervision as a sentence, is that it puts you in a position to expunge your criminal offense at a later time if you remain eligible for expungement.

Aurora Probation/Supervision Violations Defense Attorney

If you have violated any terms of your Court Supervision or Probation it is very important that you hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. If your Supervision or Probation is revoked, you are at risk of being re-sentenced to a term of incarceration. Depending on the facts and circumstances in your case, you may have certain defenses that can preserve your Supervision and Probation. Ultimately, you must protect your record, and it is our goal to protect your freedom.

Contact an Probation/Supervision Violations Defense Attorney today!

In order to level the "Playing Field" you need an experienced Probation/Supervision Violation Defense Attorney who will stand by your side and will defend your rights against the State Prosecutors who are seeking to incarcerate you. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and we will answer ALL of your questions and concerns!

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