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Aurora Family Law and Divorce Attorney

Why hire an experienced Family Law and Divorce Attorney?

If you are thinking about a divorce, or if your spouse has filed for divorce against you, you really should have a divorce lawyer to guide you through this stressful and emotionally draining experience.

Many times, I am asked during a divorce consultation, "Do I really need a Divorce Lawyer."

Well, the short and simple answer is a resounding "Yes!"

If you were being sued for negligence or some other civil wrongdoing, and you were at risk of losing thousands of dollars, would you hire a lawyer to defend you? If you wanted to file a lawsuit against someone seeking thousands of dollars, would you hire a lawyer to represent you? Most people would answer "yes" to both questions, because most people realize that their livelihoods are at risk and that they want an experienced lawyer to secure the best outcome in their case.

A Divorce is just like any other lawsuit. In a Divorce matter, you are either filing suit for Divorce, or you are being sued for Divorce. Just like any other lawsuit, your financial well being depends on the outcome of your particular Divorce case.

Of course, there are many other issues in a divorce proceeding to consider, such as: Child Custody, Child Visitation, and Maintenance. It only makes sense to put your best foot forward and to try and secure the best results for you and your family by hiring an experienced Divorce Attorney to represent you in your Divorce proceeding.

If you are thinking about Divorce, you must first consider all the potential issues that will have an impact on your Divorce Proceeding:

(1) Child Custody: Once you are divorced, where and with whom will the child(ren) reside?

(2) Child Visitation: How often will the non-residential parent see the children?

(3) Distribution of Marital Assets: How will marital property or the marital home be distributed?

(4) Maintenance: Are you seeking maintenance from your spouse or will you be required to pay maintenance?

(5) Retirement Accounts: Are you seeking a percentage of your Spouse's retirement account or will you be required to pay a percentage of your retirement account to your spouse?

There may or may not be clear answers to the preliminary issues mentioned above; in your case. If some or all of the preliminary issues mentioned above apply to you, you should consult a Divorce Lawyer who can explain what your options are and can help guide you through this complex legal process.

Of course, there can be many other issues in a divorce proceeding to consider. As your Attorney, my first priority would be to identify the issues in your case and to inform you about all of your available options. By knowing what the available options are, you can make well informed decisions on what you feel is in the best interest for you and your family.

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