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When it comes to serious misdemeanor violations, one of the most serious ones to be accused of is Domestic Battery. Naperville, IL residents acknowledge that if you or someone you know is facing a charge of Domestic Battery, you are not able to receive Court Supervision so you can avoid a conviction and it is not possible to have it expunged from your criminal record. It is imperative to have an experienced and skilled attorney to provide representation for you in a case of Domestic Battery.

Naperville, IL clients are glad to know they can count on The Law Offices of David Lee to aid them. Our firm's considerable experience includes serving in the roles of prosecutor and defense attorney. We know from our experience exactly how prosecutors go about making their cases and what various types of evidence will end up making a weak case or a strong case for a prosecutor. The Law Offices of David Lee can guide you in grasping all of the pertinent issues involved in your case, deliver a plan that will help you to deal with the charges and help you with a path to provide for your future and your freedom. We want to help you protect your freedom and your reputation, because we know both of them are very important to you. The Law Offices of David Lee will fully utilize its knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible results if you are facing accusation of Domestic Battery.

Naperville, IL clients should call 630.901.8700 to speak with The Law Offices of David Lee today. Let's talk about what we can do represent you if you're facing charges of Domestic Battery.

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