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If you have considered divorce or if you have a spouse who has filed for divorce, you should get an experienced Divorce Attorney. Oswego, IL clients appreciate that The Law Offices of David Lee has the experience and the skill to assist you in dealing with all of the numerous issues you need to sort out when you need help from a Divorce Attorney.

Oswego, IL clients are aware that the Law Offices of David Lee can aid help you in comprehending the issues come with a divorce. An experienced Divorce Lawyer comprehends that there can be a wide range of issues to consider, including Child Custody and Child Visitation, as well as Distribution of Marital Assets, Maintenance and Retirement Accounts.

Each of these issues raises important questions that need to be answered. Child Custody addresses where and with whom the children will live. Child Visitation sorts out how often and where the children will see the non-residential parent. How the home and other assets are divided is dealt with in Distribution of Marital Assets. Maintenance determines whether one spouse will assist the other spouse by providing income on an ongoing basis. Retirement Account deals with whether one spouse will need to provide a percentage of a retirement account to the other spouse at the time of distribution.

It is critically important to take every step to protect your interests put your best foot forward in each of these issues. The Law Offices of David Lee can help you understand the sometimes complex issues and help to guide you through this process as your Divorce Attorney.

Oswego, IL clients know that if you are considering divorce or if your spouse has filed for divorce, you need the help of an experienced Divorce Lawyer. Call The Law Offices of David Lee at 630.901.8700 for a free consultation today and let's discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

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