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You know you are facing a very serious situation if you or someone you know is dealing with a charge of a Drug Crime. Oswego, IL clients appreciate that The Law Offices of David Lee can represent you if you are facing charges of a Drug Crime.

Oswego, IL clients are glad to know that we know that when you face such a serious charge that you must have a skillful and experienced lawyer. The Law Offices of David Lee has helped hundreds of people who have been charged with a Drug Crime. Oswego, IL clients are happy to know that we appreciate that each case is different and that your lawyer will realize the critical importance of the facts in your case.

It is an important thing to have a lawyer who has a grasp of how prosecutors go about building their cases. Being a former prosecutor, David Lee has an appreciation of the nuances of Illinois Drug Laws and the criminal justice system. This all is a great help in giving you effective representation.

If you are facing an accusation of unlawful manufacture, sale, possession or delivery of a controlled substance, we can assist you and help you to represent yourself effectively. We can guide you if you are dealing with charges of forgery of prescription drugs.

If you are accused of a Drug Crime, this is a serious charge. It has serious ramifications if you or someone you know is convicted. You are best served by working with a law firm that has extensive experience effectively representing clients when they have been charged with unlawful manufacture, unlawful sale, unlawful possession or unlawful delivery of a controlled substance.

Don't wait any longer – call us today at 630.901.8700 at The Law Offices of David Lee to understand how we can furnish you with a plan to help you keep your freedom, defend your reputation and maintain your employment. We'll work together with you to obtain the best possible results for you in your case.

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