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If divorce may be in your future, or if you or your spouse has filed for divorce, it is certainly in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced Divorce Attorney. Plainfield, IL clients are pleased to know that The Law Offices of David Lee is experienced and skilled, with the ability to help you effectively manage any and all of the issues that may arise when you require assistance from an expert Divorce Attorney.

Plainfield, IL clients are well-aware that the Law Offices of David Lee has considerable experience and can provide wise counsel in helping you understand all of the intricate issues that are a part of dealing with divorce. We can help you sort through all of the issues involved, which include Child Custody and Child Visitation. There are other issues to consider as well, such as Distribution of Marital Assets, Maintenance and Retirement Accounts.

There are important questions you need to ask that will have a significant impact on your future. They need the right answers and we can help you with those issues. Where and with whom the children will live is addressed by Child Custody. How often and where children will be seen by the parent who is non-residential is covered by Child Visitation. How assets (including the home) are split up is addressed by Distribution of Marital Assets. Whether or not one spouse will be assisting the other spouse financially on an ongoing basis is covered by Maintenance. The determination of whether one spouse will have to give a portion of a 401K or an Annuity at the time of distribution to the other spouse is one of the concerns addressed in talking about Retirement Account.

It is absolutely crucial to make the very best case possible as you address each of these issues. The Law Offices of David Lee will start by helping you to comprehend the variety of issues involved and find the best approach for you as we work with you as your Divorce Attorney.

Plainfield, IL clients fully understand that if divorce may be on the horizon for you, you need to be well-served by a skilled and experienced Divorce Lawyer. Don't wait any longer – contact us at 630.901.7800 at The Law Offices of David Lee today. We will be happy to serve you with a free consultation and we'll discuss how we can be help you in this process.

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