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David - March 18, 2017

I hired David In response to a DUI that I had received leading into the summer months. It is important to mention I am also a CDL holder. Attorney Lee is a very honest and approachable person, he is there to help you but will lay things out for you realistically so you know what to expect. He helped me through the court process and even traveled 2 hours out of his way to represent me in a different county. He clarified the consequences and kept me aware of timetables so that I would have the least stress possible and be able to put this mistake behind me. He is a dedicated attorney and someone to be counted on down the road for anyone in need of clarification or defense. Avvo Review

Todd - March 15, 2017

David recently helped defend a family member. From day one David explained exactly what we were looking at and our best course of action. When he said he would do something, he did it in a timely fashion. When I left voicemails for him he returned my calls same day after hours. We got the best possible outcome regarding our case because of David. No hidden agendas. All cards in the table with honesty and compassion.

A benefit to using David is he's a former prosecutor. He knows the judges and current prosecutors very well. This can help during plea bargaining.

David cares about his clients on a personal level. Many times he voiced his concerns about the future of my family member who was in some trouble. His focus is not just on the case, but the long term affect it will have on his client.

We trusted David while heartedly. Thank you David for your efforts and expertise. Avvo Review

Dan - March 11, 2017

Working with Dave was an absolutely amazing experience. He went above and beyond and exceeded all of my expectations. Nobody wants to go through legal issues and the processes that go along with them, but he was able to help me navigate the system and reach an outcome much greater than I expected. I work odd hours and he was always available whether it be late at night or early in the morning. 100% satisfied. Avvo Review

Rob M.. - November 04, 2016

I have used David Lee now a few times and he is outstanding at what he does. He is straight forward with what ur options are and will fight for you. He has over 15 years of experience and it shows. David was readily available when I needed him and always return my calls in a timely manner. His rates are fair and affordable. Thanks David I appreciate your hard work and your help. Google Review

Joel O. - June 04, 2016

David Lee was referred to me by a friend and fellow attorney. We spoke several times leading up to my court date and David was always professional, courteous and very well versed in the law. He listened and confidently explained the entire process and kept me informed every step of the way. He was always accessible and always left me feeling like I was in good hands. Everything went as he had described. I extremely satisfied with the results of my case but more importantly I couldn't be happier with the level of service David provided. I would recommend David without hesitation. Google Review

Justin - April 08, 2016

David was amazing during my case. Extremely detailed. He took the time to understand my case and when it came time for court, he was amazing at depicting the actual situation and how well respected he was buy both the states attorney prosecuting me and the judge. Avvo Review

M. Khan - April 04, 2016

I strongly recommend David for any legal help you need. He represented me in a case in December and was always available. He explained the process thoroughly and all the outcomes. Got me the results that I wanted. Thanks David! Google Review

Melissa - March 21, 2016

David was not only professional, reasonably affordable, but showed nothing less than excellent, quality work. He is the only attorney I will ever recommend!!! There is a clear distinction between his work and any other attorney. He is the best!!! Google Review

Lorraine - February 16, 2016

I hired Mr Lee to handle a legal issue for me where time was of the essence. I must say not only was he quick but he was very efficient. If your looking for a hard working professional yet very personable attorney who will give you his undivided attention, then please consider hiring Mr David Lee. Avvo Review

Amanda - February 08, 2016

David was extremely professional, knowledgeable, kind, and accommodating. I came out on the other end of my aggravated speeding charge (a class A misdemeanor) with only a $300 fine. He gave me great peace of mind during the entire prcoess, and I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel. Avvo Review

Mike - January 18, 2016

My daughter made a mistake, that without a good lawyer, could have adversely affected her opportunity for employment. David was very understanding of her mistake and predicament. He gave us great advice to prepare for our court date and he led us through the legal process to prepare us for possible outcomes of the case. Thankfully, he was able to obtain a reasonable legal outcome and fine that wasn't staggering. David Lee is a good man and a good attorney. Originally, we received several pieces of mail from multiple attorneys, but I'm glad we selected Mr. Lee. Avvo Review

Nick - December 15, 2015

Mr. David Lee is an individual of upstanding punctuation as well as representation. I was once asked by a friend; “do you know why divorce is so expensive?” my reply was “no, I do not.” the answer to the question is “because it is worth every penny.” I personally feel that I got every ounce of money out of what was put into my divorce and have eternal thanks to Mr. David Lee. The entire divorce process was as professional and timely as humanly possible. When getting a divorce, you want the process to be as timely as possible and with Dr. Lee on your side you have your best chance. Beyond being just courteous, timely and respectful, I felt like an individual and that my case matter. At the end of the day you want to walk away from this process not only with the freedom that divorce brings but with the mindset that you made the right choice. David Lee is the right choice and a stand up human being. Google Review

Esdras - August 03, 2015

Well, David was of great help he put things straight right away explaining every possibility and outcomes of each choice. His recommendation was the best and all services and end results were as promised. He is real on the issues and does not fantasize. His prices are affordable and during rough times he was accessible to work on a payment plant with me. Overall, I highly recommend David. Google Review

Maggie - June 11, 2015

I recently hired David as my lawyer for a DUI arrest back in the end of March. After reading numerous reviews on other local Defense Attorneys, I had a consultation with David. Immediately I felt comfortable with him, and it was very obvious that he is a very competent lawyer with a wealth of knowledge. Unlike other lawyers that I have heard of or read about, David takes the time to explain all facets of your case in terms that are easy for the average person, including myself, to understand. I felt that this was one of the most important aspects of the way David conducts his business, otherwise I wouldn't have understood the motions of the court or what my best options were. On top of being great at his job, David is a very down-to-earth person with a very pleasant personality. As I mentioned before, within the first few minutes of my consultation, I was extremely comfortable with David. As far as contacting him, David is great on response time, whether it be a phone call or an email, and he is consistent in answering questions in a way that it easily understandable. All in all, I had a 100% positive experience with David, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a defense attorney, and utilize his services again if I ever need an attorney again! Google Review

Chris - March 07, 2015

Outstanding Legal Service!! I have 100% confidence in recommending David to anyone that is searching for a lawyer. David's high standards of professionalism, and his zeal in representing his client and getting agreements that favor his client's position, is unquestionably one of the best. David answers the phone when called, returns emails, and is available for client's conferences at the client's needs. He handles opposing counsels diligently and tactfully! Extremely satisfied with the results of his efforts!! Google Review

Mark - November 24, 2014

David represented me in a minor traffic violation. I found that his experience, particularly working for the DA's office, facilitated navigation of my case in this complicated process. I was impressed with how down to earth he was, how he approached me and explained things to me, his interactions with the other attorney, and his ultimate presentation to the judge. After such a positive experience, I've sought him for additional legal advice in other unrelated matters. Google Review

Gwen - November 23, 2014

I highly recommend David for your legal needs. He is knowledgeable and personable. He recently helped me on a legal problem that resulted in a positive outcome for my family member. I refer him to my clients in private practice as well, that is how confident I am in his abilities!! Linkedin Review

Nick - November 19, 2014

Thanks so much for assisting me with your legal counsel! You really came through for my son and his ticket issue. Linkedin Review

Mark - November 03, 2014

Ill keep this simple but out of every attorney Ive ever used David was by far the best. Ive used quite a few of the "popular" attorneys out there but was way more impressed by David. He is very hands on ,a good listening ,and seems to truly care. He doesnt have other people show up to the court dates, hes always there. He also seems to have a great relationship with everyone in both court houses I went too.
Hes honest and I highly recommend him . I found him on here and now see why he gets all these wonderful reviews. Just check out the lack of reviews the high profile attorneys get compared to David.
At least give him a call . You wont be disappointed. Avvo Review

Justine - October 22, 2014

Working with David was an excellent experience. He always responded promptly to my calls and e-mails. He helped me understand the circumstances of my case, thoroughly explained my options, and gave me realistic expectations of its outcome. During my court appearance he guided me on what to say and do, and afterwards he made sure I knew what steps I needed to take next. I feel that he worked hard on my case from beginning to end, and I am extremely satisfied with the results he delivered. Google Review

John - September 15, 2014

I hired David to represent me as my attorney. He provided exceptional service at a very reasonable and fair price. Unlike many professional service providers, David charges fair fees, takes the time to know you and your situation, and is easy to contact. What a breath of fresh air!! I would wholeheartedly recommend David should you need legal representation. Google Review

Scott - June 6, 2014

I recently found myself in dire straits and Mr Lee helped me in a critical situation . I was pulled over for rolling a stop sign no worse than the person in front of me in Kendall county. I had a suspended drivers license which I did not know about, had paraphernalia in my vehicle and gave it up to the officer without a search. Needless to say I was arrested for both the DWSL and Paraphernalia. Even with my terrible driving record, he was able to negotiate a deal to keep my license with supervision and get me off with only fines and court fees for both charges, even with this being my second drug conviction. I strongly recommend Mr Lee if you are in the West Burbs. He is a sharp and informative attorney. My respect and gratitude goes out to this man. Cheers Mr Lee! Google Review

Tiffany - May 12, 2014

I had an absolutely amazing experience when David Lee representing me. I am a health care professional and was pulled over in a construction zone accused of going 40 MPH over the speed limit that was a true mistake on my part as I was unaware speed needed to be reduced with just the presence of barricades. I was not happy with my past Lawyer that I have used for years so I did some research and found David Lee based upon reviews. I called him proceeding the citation I was given that is considered a Class A misdemeanor that could directly affect my profession. I have spoken to several Lawyers and have never met one that took the time to explain things, never cut me off once while speaking to him, even tried to make me feel better while talking to him, and spoke with my husband repeating the same thing to me the following week. He always returns calls immediately or by the end of the day. I had 3 minor traffic violations over 4 years and he was able to get my Class A Misdemeanor dropped to a petty offense, got me court supervision for 3 months with it not going on my record unless I got another ticket during my court supervision. He really cares about his clients and will fight to try to get you the best potential options. I still call and/or e-mail him now to get advice and answer questions that come up even though I’m currently not a paying customer and he always responses or takes the time to call me back. He is now and will be my Family Lawyer and I recommend him to anyone. He is not the typical Lawyer he is one that actually cares, truly loves what he does and is a genuine down to earth person. Avvo Review

Joy - May 7, 2014

I was recently arrested and charged with a city ordinance violation for retail theft. I am currently a post baccalaureate nursing student and this could have seriously affected my future. Although, I was not facing jail time only fines, I still hired David after receiving a letter from him. David was able to get my charges amended to disorderly conduct and instead of 7 months of supervision he got me 3. Some schools automatically disqualify you if they see retail theft! David is a very compassionate individual and doesn't treat you like a criminal. He tries to understand you and where you're coming from. He was prompt and super responsive whenever I needed questions. I fully recommend him and glad I got that letter from his office! Avvo Review

Ron - May 1, 2014

Needed an Attorney to help us out with a situation involving our son. From the first contact by phone we knew David was the attorney we felt comfortable with. We found him conscientious, thorough, and caring. He was particularly attentive to our needs and fears. We felt good that he was experienced and knowledgeable in his field. We later went back David to have him represent us in getting the case expunged. Some words to describe this guy are, accurate, patient, precise, optimistic, dutiful. We were so glad we had him represent us, and appreciated his kindness, effort, and dedication to resolving our case. Avvo Review

Tim - April 29, 2014

Divorce is a trying time, emotionally, mentally and financially. David is a great attorney because he has the experience and compassion and works tirelessly to see to it that closure is achieved. Davids fees are minimal and he works efficient so that the costs remain low. I highly recommend hiring David as an attorney for what ever the need you have. Google Review

Jerry - February 11, 2014

I have been in law enforcement for over 23yrs and have seen my share of defense attorneys and never thought I would need one. Well, a child of mine got into a situation and now I'm on the other side of the fence with her needing a lawyer. I searched and searched and wanted only the best for her, my search ended when I located Mr. Lee. From just the initial phone call I knew I had found THE BEST! I know how the system works and he answered all our questions without hesitation or the usual fluff. After speaking with him my anxiety was gonnnnneeeee. Mr. Lee will not fail you nor will he sugar coat your case, you will get the best available outcome. Stop searching and call Mr. Lee so you too can be stress free about your situation. I would hire him again without any hesitation! Hopefully I won't have to..... Avvo Review

Gage - December 31, 2013

Never found myself in a situation where an attorney was necessary until recently David made the process very easy and he was very flexible with dates and payment arrangement. I hope i do not need his services again in the future, but if i do i know who i will be calling. Looking for an attorney? Look no further David Lee is your man!!!! Google Review

Bob - June 1, 2013

I hired David for a DUI where I believed their was no probable cause for the stop. With all odds going against us David fought and fought and this persistence paid off with all evidence against me quashed and the charges dropped. If you need a great attorney for any of his specialties you can't go wrong! Avvo Review

Karen - April 23, 2013

I contacted David Lee regarding the possibility of representation. From the start he was extremely personable and attentive. I found him to be easy to talk to. He has a way of putting his clients at ease even when discussing difficult matters and he took the time to walk me through the many possible outcomes.

David answers or returns phone calls in a timely manner. He takes the time to set clients at ease and his confidence and level of professionalism has a calming effect when you are working with him. In the courtroom the way he handled himself made me proud to have him as my lawyer. I had every confidence that he would do everything he could to help me.

Should anyone ever ask me if I know a good lawyer? My answer would be, I know a GREAT lawyer. David Lee is dedicated to both his clients and his work, and choosing him as my representation was one of the best things I did to make it through a difficult situation. Avvo Review

Rick - November 27, 2012

I recently was in a situation where I had a family member charged with a Class A Misdemeanor, and I had never experienced anything like that before. Not knowing what to expect, I called several attorneys in the area to get advice. David made me feel like he cared about my situation and explained things to us in a way we could easily understand. Not many lawyers would take the time to explain all our options as David did, and give us time to decide our next steps, without pressure. David returned my calls and kept his promise to help us through a scary situation. I can't thank David enough for all he did for us and will definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Avvo Review

Posted by a Consumer - October 18, 2012

David was incredibly professional,sensitive to situation and completely clear as to the letter of the law. At no point did myself or family feel left in the dark or confused as to the process. His visits were timely while in the judicial system and advice kind yet firm. He constantly sought to establish the most profitable and acceptable outcome. In this dark and trying time in our lives, David was a consistent beacon of light, clarity and hope to endure the process. Thank You! Review

Posted by a Consumer - October 6, 2012

The Law Office of David Lee was the result of a frantic Internet search; what a relief! His website was thorough and accurate. I called him at close to 7pm that night and immediately I felt relieved to finally locate a lawyer who stayed current in serious traffic violations and their consequences; he was patient and caring and explained thoroughly the gravity of my violation. He gave me clear understanding of how to prepare and was reassuring. It was such a relief to walk out of court today with much more than I could have hoped for. I highly recommend The Law Offices of David Lee! Avvo Review

Erik - October 4, 2012

David did a great job explaining and representing my wife on an ordinance violation. We received the results we expected and wanted. Having consulted with several lawyers and been represented by a couple in the past; David presented himself as very down to earth and helpful in explaining the situation more in depth than past lawyers dealt with. Avvo Review

JD - August 16, 2012

From the beginning, David was knowledgeable, considerate, and professional. He listened to my situation and thoroughly developed a plan of action. Throughout the entire process he kept me updated and was accessible to answer any questions. I am extremely satisfied with his work! Yellowbot Review

Sean ‎ - Jan 17, 2012

Thank you David! David did a great job of explaining everything very clearly and in simple terms. He kept in contact very well, was very polite, and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a good lawyer. He represented me very well, and his knowledge helped my case tremendously. I can't thank him enough. Google Review

Jaclyn - January 12, 2012

David represented me in my divorce case and he has always been open and honest with me about my case. He told me what to expect and how much it would cost. I really appreciate how he kept me informed and returned my phone calls when I needed to speak with him. He is very professional and I would recommend him if you need a divorce lawyer.Avvo Review

Kory - January 7, 2012

I got charged with leaving the scene of an accident, improper lane usage, and failure to provide insurance, and David was able to get the leaving the scene of an accident and the failure to provide insurance tickets thrown out..he does great work..I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great lawyer. Avvo Review.

John ‎ - Dec 11, 2011

David is a life saver! My wife falsely accused me of domestic battery and David did a great job of representing me in my case. He's really experienced and knowledgeable. I can really count on him to represent me and I plan on using him in my divorce case. I recommend David Lee to anyone in need of legal representation. Google Review

Kinga ‎ - Nov 23, 2011

David, seems like a very good lawyer, very helpful, takes his time to explain everything step by step, you don't have to feel like you are on the cloc'k meeting with him. Very knowlegeable and willing to help with variety of cases. I would really recommend him, plus his rates are really resonable. Thanks David for your help... Kinga.Google Review

Posted by a Consumer on 11/23/11. 5.0 out of 5.0

David is a great lawyer to work with. He is very generous with his time and does not go by the clock. He helped me a lot with the speed ticket case of my son. He provides you with a crystal clear picture of the legal process you are facing, presents you with a clear understanding of the possible legal action routes and outcomes. He is proactive and draws on his vast experience of legal cases to prepare you for the court date. He is also very pleasant to work with. I highly suggest him. Review

Andy- Nov 9, 2011

I had gotten a speeding ticket in a school zone and didn't know what would happen to me. David was great in walking me through the process and kept me well informed the entire time. Thank you David! Avvo Review

Cliff ‎ - Nov 8, 2011

David provided very clear and concise explanations as to the legal process and set my mind at ease. He is extremely knowledgeable and did a fantastic job representing me in Kendall County. I would highly recommend David if you have need of legal representation.Google Review

Timmy T ‎ - Nov 4, 2011

I was amazed at how knowledgeable, professional, and straight to the point David was. He has been such a great help with my DUI and driving while on a suspended license case. Because of his efforts, I now am able to keep my license and not have to go to jail because of my offenses. I would HIGHLY recommend David Lee to anyone needing legal help. His rates are very affordable as well! Google Review

Susan J. - Oct 30, 2011

I am so grateful to David. He is a very skilled, attentive and informative attorney. He really listened to all my issues in my divorce case. I was very happy with the outcome! I would highly recommend him! Yelp Review

Brad ‎ - Oct 30, 2011

This was the first time I've ever required legal services for a DUI. David was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and effective. I would recommend him to anyone.Google Review

Antonetti - Oct 30, 2011

David is one great attorney!! My friend was drunk so I was driving him home. I got pulled over for having a tail light out. The cop said he smelled alcohol and just arrested me for DUI. I knew I wasn't DUI, but I was real worried about my license getting suspended. When I talked to David, he told me we had a good chance of beating both the suspension and the DUI. He was able to get the suspension of my record and the DUI got dismissed!! I hope I never need David's services again, but I'm really thankful for how everything turned out. Super Pages Review

Adam ‎ - Oct 27, 2011

I can't thank David enough for helping me through a very difficult divorce. I felt comfortable with David the first time I met him at his office and he was very helpful in explaining what I needed to expect. He answered alot of my questions and made himself available when I needed to talk to him. He was right about alot of things and I was very happy with his services. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a divorce.Google Review

SJL ‎ - Oct 27, 2011

Based on reputation alone, I went to see David Lee in regards to a serious traffic violation in Kendall County. I was not dissapointed... David Lee is responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy and will give it to you straight. I am pleased with the outcome of my case and would recomend his services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar circumstance. Thank You for all of your help! Google Review

juli ‎ - Oct 26, 2011

David is VERY helpful and is ALWAYS available to answer my questions. He works hard to give us options and give good, sound legal advise! He has kept my son out of jail...TWICE! Google Review

Sara - Oct 20, 2011

Mr. Lee represented me on my domestic battery case in kane county. I was extremely upset that I was arrested and I would have lost my job if I was guilty. I was extremely worried about all this and I spent some time looking for a good criminal defense lawyer. My friend recommened Mr. Lee to me and I was very happy she did. I met other lawyers but none of them would take the time to explain anything to me. Mr. Lee actually explained to me about the charges and consequences and gave me some good options. My case was dismissed and I still have my job! I will never put myself in that situation again. I would recommend Mr. Lee to anyone that needs a great criminal defense lawyer who will really explain your case. Avvo Review

Adam - Oct 5, 2011

David helped me get through a very difficult divorce. I hired David as my lawyer because I felt comfortable with him right away. He answered all of my questions and told me what to expect. I was very happy with his legal services and I would recommend him to anyone considering a divorce. Avvo Review

Amanda Neitzel - Aug 9, 2011

“Attorney David Lee is a very trustworthy,consistent and reliable. His cost for service is reasonable. He is an expert in his field and knows how to get the job done the right way. He helped me through the process from start to finish at ease. He is one great Attorney. I highly recommend him.” Linkedin Review


  • The Law Offices of David Lee Attorney David Lee is a very trustworthy, consistent and reliable.
  • The Law Offices of David Lee I hired David as my lawyer because I felt comfortable with him right away.
  • The Law Offices of David Lee My case was dismissed and I still have my job!
  • The Law Offices of David Lee David is VERY helpful and is ALWAYS available to answer my questions.
  • The Law Offices of David Lee I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a divorce.
  • The Law Offices of David Lee David Lee is responsive, knowledgeable and trustworthy and will give it to you straight.
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