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If you or a loved one have been charged with shoplifting or some other form of retail theft, you may be surprised to find just how seriously this charge can be punished under Illinois law. The severity of a theft charge can vary based on what the value of the allegedly stolen property, but one thing remains true across all cases: if a conviction is reached, it could spell a serious interruption to the life of the accused.

If you have been charged with retail theft, our dedicated team at The Law Offices of David Lee are ready to help you assess your options. Our Yorkville retail theft attorneys are seasoned litigators who are prepared to assert the rights of our clients in the courtroom. Attorney David Lee is also a former prosecutor, giving our firm critical insight into how the state of Illinois pursues convictions against our clients.

Get more than two decades of combined legal experience on your side. Contact our firm today to request a free case evaluation.

Types of Retail Theft Charges

Illinois' 720 ILCS 5/16A-13 statute covers instances of retail theft. While simple shoplifting is included, many other forms of this theft offense are codified, as well.

Different forms or retail theft include:

  • Leaving a retailer without paying for items (shoplifting)
  • "Under-ringing" (employees ringing up merchandise at low prices)
  • Changing the tags on merchandise
  • Returning merchandise to a store that did not sell the merchandise
  • Keeping rented products after the agreed-upon lease period

Not every attorney has the skill and experience to be able to effectively represent you if you or someone you know has been accused of retail theft. The Law Offices of David Lee is experienced and can help you understand the unique aspects of your case and how we can aggressively pursue a reduction or dismissal on your behalf.

If you've been charged, the time to take action is now. Call our offices at (630) 796-7699 today.


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