Lake County State's Attorneys Office Under Fire!

In a previous post, I criticized Assistant State's Attorney Michael Mermel's prosecution tactics as absurd and unethical. Mr. Mermel's legal reasoning and complete disregard for exculpatory DNA evidence should be considered prosecutorial misconduct. In a recent ruling our Illinois Appellate Court reversed Juan Rivera's rape and murder conviction of then 11 year old Holly Staker.

The Chicago Tribune article stated that, "The appeals court was equally if not more critical of the Lake County state's attorney's office. Using unusually harsh language, the court said the theories that prosecutors offered at trial were "highly improbable" and "distort to an absurd degree" the testimony from witnesses."

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The Lake County State's Attorneys Office has been under fire lately, with Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran calling for Assistant State's Attorney Michael Mermel's dismissal as well as other judicial misconduct.

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Lake County State's Attorney Michael Waller has stated that he will not run for re-election and will serve out the remainder of his term. Assistant State's Attorney Michel Mermel has stated he will retire in January of 2012.

I truly praise the ruling of the Illinois Appellate Court and hope that this ruling serves a reminder to all prosecutors, that "The administration of Justice is the duty of all attorneys."

If killing your best friend doesn't make you want to stop drinking, nothing will….

Onofiro Lorusso was sentenced to three years of probation in May 2010 for Reckless Homicide and aggravated Drunken Driving convictions. Lorusso had a blood alchol level of .227 as well as marijuana in his system when he wrapped his car around a tree, killing his best friend and seriously injuring two other passengers.

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I can only assume that Lorusso was given such a lenient sentence because of several appearances coordinated with the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, in which he spoke in graphic detail about the accident and killing his best friend. However, he recently violated his probation by consuming alcohol underage.

He is now due back in court to answer the probation violation. If he is found in violation of his probation he may well be sentenced to more than the 10 years prosecutors originally asked for.

Onofiro was really given a second chance in life when he avoided prison, but if killing your best friend doesn't make you want to stop drinking, nothing will….


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