Arrested for a Misdemeanor and/or Felony?

Arrested for a Misdemeanor and/or Felony? This is what you need to know!

If you are arrested for a Criminal Misdemeanor or Felony, you must take the matter very seriously. The mere fact that you have been arrested for any criminal offense, will result in that arrest appearing on your arrest record indefinitely until you have the matter expunged. That is to say, even if you are found "Not Guilty" and you receive a letter of apology from the Prosecutors involved in your case (which will never happen) the record of your arrest will remain on your criminal record.

The key to addressing misdemeanors or felonies, is to evaluate the evidence against you and to make a determination on whether there are any probable cause issues or 4th Amendment violations such as an illegal Search or Seizure. Many Criminal cases can be defeated through pre-trial motions, such as a Motion to Quash Arrest and/or a Motion to Suppress Evidence. If these pre-trial motions are not applicable in your case, you need to then determine whether to take the Criminal matter to Trial. Unfortunately, in Illinois, there is not a "No Contest" type of plea.

You must either plead guilty or not guilty. This is why you really should have an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney representing your interests when you are charged with any Criminal Offense.

I've had many clients tell me that they did not hire an Attorney to represent them in their Criminal Misdemeanor or Felony cases, because they "Didn't think it was that a big deal." Years later, when they are applying for jobs and criminal background checks are conducted, they are often denied employment by prospective employers.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer will explain to you the nature of your Criminal Offense, the options you have, and how best to proceed. Ideally, you want to be in a position to have this Criminal Misdemeanor expunged from your criminal record at a later time.

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