A Tale of Two Prosecutors

Prosecutors are generally held to a higher standard and are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner in and out of the courtroom. While reading the newspaper recently, I was surprised to read two very different stories about two Cook County Prosecutors.

In the first story, an unidentified prosecutor's heroic gesture, which ultimately led to his own injuries saved two individuals who were being harassed because of their sexual orientation.

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This prosecutor did what he felt was right, and tried to intervene and stop two thugs from harassing a same-sex couple. He was cut with a broken bottle and thankfully, will fully recover.

Now compare the heroic unidentied prosecutor to one Assistant State's Attorney Sarah Naughton, age 31. Naughton was charged with misdemeanor battery and trespass. Naughton entered an adult bookstore, Taboo Tabou, with her companion in a highly intoxicated state. When asked to leave, Naughton began harassing employees of the adult bookstore and passersby. She then bit the leg of an employee after she had "Stumbled" to the ground on her own.

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I can't imagine the humiliation that Naughton felt the next morning when she realized what she had done, or that her infamous incident has made the front page news of the Chicago Tribune. What she told her supervisor or Anita Alvarez herself, is anyone's guess. I presume it went along the lines of, "Yeah, I was totally drunk, and Yeah, I went to the porn shop, but I wasn't beligerrent and I was only defending myself!"

I think its safe to say that Naughton will not be asked to return to the State's Attorneys Office. Not because she likes to frequent porn shops when she's intoxicated, but that it appears she has absolutely no control over herself. Would you want this person's discretion in criminal prosecutions?

For the full length video of her arrestClick Here!


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