Should I hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Traffic Tickets?

Most if not all people will receive a traffic ticket in their lifetime. Some individuals are lucky enough to go many years without receiving a Traffic Ticket, while many others are unlucky enough to receive a few traffic tickets or more every year.

However, what many people do not know, are the consequences to pleading guilty to a traffic violation. When you enter a courtroom, no one will provide you with sound legal advice except for your Criminal Defense Lawyer. The Prosecutor is seeking to convict you of the offense, the Judge cannot give you legal advice, and you certainly wouldn't ask the Bailiff what to do. The Courtroom can be an intimidating experience without a Criminal Defense Lawyer by your side.

When you plead guilty to a traffic ticket, you run the risk of being convicted. If you are convicted for a traffic ticket, the Secretary of State will assign points against your record. The more serious the traffic offense, the more points are assigned to your record. If you accumulate too many points, your Driver's License will be suspended.

Once your license is suspended, you can do one of two things:

(1) Go through with the suspension and not drive for 3 to 12 months (Which is not really an option for most of us who need to Drive) or

(2) Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to try and "vacate" your traffic conviction.

If you decide to try and vacate a conviction, you will likely spend two or three times what you would have spent on Lawyer fees, if you had hired a Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent you in the first place. Keep in mind, there is still no guarantee that your conviction will even be "Vacated."

Before you are faced with this decision, it just makes sense to hire an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer to handle your Traffic ticket correctly the first time. You will certainly save money, time, a great deal of frustration and most importantly your Driver's License.

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