I want a Divorce but can't afford a lawyer!

As we all know, Divorce litigation and Divorce Lawyers can be very expensive. However, you cannot put a price tag on your happiness and what is best for you and your family.

Your spouse should not be able to hold you "Hostage" with their control over the marital assets and marital finances. Further, if you are in a single income family, you shouldn't have to feel like a second class citizen just because you do not contribute financially to the marital estate. Your contributions to the marital estate are equally as valuable as any monetary contribution your spouse has made.

As a spouse, you have an equal right to access the funds from the marital estate. If your spouse is represented by a Divorce Lawyer, you should absolutely be represented as well.

In certain cases, we can file a Motion for Temporary Relief and ask the Court to award Interim Attorney's fees while your Divorce matter is pending. If there is a great disparity in income, you should be allowed to "Level the Playing Field," by requiring your spouse to pay for your Divorce Lawyer's fees in addition to their own.

Many of my client's did not know that this was an option and needlessly stayed in their failed marriages for many years because they felt they had no choice.

The option for an award of Interim Attorney's fees is not a right, and it is within the discretion of the Court to award them. However, by contacting my Office, I can offer you a free phone consultation to discuss what your options are and how best to proceed with your Divorce matter.

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