Armed Robber has a bad day...

Armed Robbery is a non-probationable Class X felony. Next to Murder and Criminal Sexual Assault, it is one of the most serious crimes one can commit. What Armed Robbery has in common with Rape and Murder, is that these crimes are committed against people. While reading the Chicago Tribune online today, I came across this interesting article:

Click Here to Read the Full Article:,0,4752706.story

Anthony Miranda, aged 24, certainly picked the wrong man to rob. Apparently, he decided to rob a "Mixed Martial Arts" Fighter who fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. From the looks of Anthony Miranda in his mugshot, it looks like he didn't fair too well against the professional fighter, even with "Gun in hand."

Apparently, the gun went off in the struggle with the UFC fighter and Anthony Miranda was shot in the ankle.

As a criminal defense attorney, I still believe that Anthony Miranda should have his day in court, despite the allegations of the Tribune article. However, if Anthony Miranda is found guilty, he is looking at between 6 to 30 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

That is a very large price to pay for sticking a gun in someone's face!!!


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