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Despite common misconception, misdemeanor theft is considered a very serious crime in the state of Illinois. Misdemeanor theft is the unlawful and indirect taking of property valued at less than $500.00 without permission, with the intent to permanently deprive the original owner of said property. Misdemeanor theft is different from other types of theft in that the allegedly stolen items are taken indirectly from another private citizen or private entity.

Each misdemeanor theft case is unique and prosecutors will evaluate a variety of issues to determine what appropriate charges should apply in a given theft-related case.

These factors may include:

  • What type of property was unlawfully taken?
  • What is the value of the property?
  • What are the circumstances of the alleged Theft?
  • What is the criminal history of the defendant?

At The Law Offices of David Lee, we have more than 20 years of combined experience in the courtroom. Our skilled Aurora misdemeanor theft attorneys will fight for your rights throughout the legal process. We understand the seriousness of the charges against you and will do whatever we can to work towards an optimal outcome for your situation.

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What are the Penalties for Misdemeanor Theft Crimes in Illinois?

If the value of the stolen property is $500.00 or less and the allegedly stolen item was not taken directly from another person, then the theft is considered a class A misdemeanor. The maximum penalties for the charge of misdemeanor theft are up to one year in county jail with fines and cost of $2,500.00 or both. Furthermore, the presiding judge in your case may sentence you to a period of probation/conditional discharge, drug or alcohol counseling, court supervision, and/or community service in lieu of jail. A conviction for misdemeanor theft can also affect your current employment, as well as applications for future jobs, apartments, school, and private loans. If you are found guilty of misdemeanor theft, prosecutors may ask for harsher sentencing based on the location of the alleged theft, circumstances surrounding the victim, and your prior criminal history.

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Theft is a very serious criminal offense, one that should be taken seriously. Harsh sentences are designed to protect property ownership and individual rights. A conviction for theft can result in very serious consequences, causing irreparable damage to your reputation and employment opportunities. At The Law Offices of David Lee, we can provide you with advice on how to address your pending theft case, along with a plan to protect your freedom and your future. We understand the value of your freedom and the importance of your reputation and use our extensive knowledge and experience to fight for the best possible results in your case.

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