Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License

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“No valid driver's license tickets” are very common in Illinois. State law requires all motorists on Illinois highways to have a valid driver’s license. The Illinois Secretary of State controls all Illinois driver’s license issues and is the only authority in the state that can grant, deny, suspend, or revoke your Illinois driver’s license.

If you’ve been charged with driving without a valid license, it’s important that you seek the help of a legal professional right away. Our skilled Aurora criminal defense attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience and are ready to put their knowledge and resource to work for you.

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Penalties for No Valid Driver's License Tickets

Driving without a Valid Illinois Driver's License is a class B misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is up to six months in county jail, fines and cost of $1,500.00, or both.

Depending on various factors, you may also be facing:

  • A period of probation
  • Public service work
  • Mandatory traffic school
  • Driver’s license suspension

What Happens if I Continue Driving after a “No Valid License” Offense?

Many people think that if they never had a valid driver’s license to begin with, they cannot be charged with driving on a suspended license. This is simply not true. If you are ever charged with a traffic offense, including driving without a valid license, the state of Illinois will generate a driver’s license number for you, regardless of the fact that you have never had one. Even though you may not have a valid driver’s license, the Illinois Secretary of State will be able to maintain records of any traffic offenses with the number they generate for you. Because of this, if you continue to drive and are stopped by a law enforcement officer, your driver’s license status may be “suspended” rather than “not valid.” Driving with a suspended license is considered a class A misdemeanor.

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Driving without a valid license in the state of Illinois is a criminal offense, one that should be taken very seriously. In addition to the possible jail time, fines, probation, and public service work, your insurance premiums may increase substantially or you may face license suspension. At The Law Offices of David Lee, our Aurora criminal defense attorney David Lee can help you understand your legal options and devise a plan to help you protect your rights and your freedom. David knows the importance of protecting your driving record is prepared to assist you in every step of the legal process.

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