Street Racing

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Illinois traffic laws and their minimum and maximum penalties are designed to improve driver safety. With this in mind, street racing, or "drag racing," is one of the most dangerous traffic offenses one can commit. The act of street racing can be considered a combination of reckless driving and misdemeanor speeding. Our Illinois traffic laws strictly forbid any act that involves "competitive attempts to outdistance another vehicle" or, in other words, racing.

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What are the Penalties for Street Racing?

Street racing is considered a class A misdemeanor, making this a serious crime. The maximum penalty for street racing is up to one year in county jail and/or fines up to $2,500.00.

Additionally, the presiding judge in your case can sentence you to:

  • A probationary period
  • Public service work
  • Driver safety school

A conviction for street racing will also trigger an automatic revocation of your Illinois driver's license which can last indefinitely. If you are charged with aggravated street racing, in which an accident occurs that results in injury or bodily harm of another individual, you will be facing stricter penalties. Aggravated street racing is a class four felony, and can result in a 1-12 year jail sentence. Second street racing violations are considered class four felonies.

Contact Aurora Street Racing Attorney David Lee

Street racing is a criminal offense that can result in criminal penalties and the loss of your driver’s license. In addition to possible jail time, fines, probation, and public service work, your insurance carrier will likely drop your policy from coverage. At The Law Offices of David Lee, our experienced Aurora criminal defense attorney David Lee can provide you with advice on how to address your pending street racing charge. We can provide you with a plan to protect your freedom and your driver's license. We understand the value of your freedom and the importance of securing your driver's license which is why we use our knowledge and experience to secure the best possible results in your case.

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