Expungement of Criminal Records

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When an individual is charged with a crime, the arrest will appear on his or her criminal record indefinitely -- even if the case was dismissed or the individual was not convicted. Criminal records can affect your ability to secure future employment, housing, loans, and more. Therefore, many individuals wish to have their criminal records expunged or sealed after a charge against them is dismissed or they are found not guilty.

Once a criminal record is expunged in the state of Illinois, it is physically destroyed. Contact our firm today at (630) 901-8700 to find out how our team can help you.

Are You Eligible for Expungement of Your

Criminal Record?

Merely determining if you are eligible for expungement is a complex process; navigating the expungement petition process can be incredibly overwhelming. It's crucial that your petition is correctly filed and you may be required to attend a hearing to determine if your record can be expunged. Having the assistance of an experienced Aurora expungement attorney on your side can be an incredibly valuable asset. At The Law Offices of David Lee, we have years of experience navigating this complicated process. Our team of legal professionals can give you a fair and honest assessment of your case and can work towards helping you achieve a better, brighter future.

Expunging vs. Sealing a Criminal Record

In order to be eligible for expungement in Aurora or throughout Illinois, you must meet certain strict requirements. If, after assessing your specific case, our attorneys determine that you are not eligible for expungement, you may still be able to have your criminal record sealed. Unlike expungement, sealing is an option for those with a conviction on their record. Sealing a criminal record is different from expungement primarily in that the record is not destroyed when it is sealed, as it is when it is expunged. If you successfully petition to have your criminal record sealed, the Illinois State Police and the clerk's office will seal the record and remove the petitioner's name from their electronic index. After being sealed, your record will still be available to government agencies, but only a judicial order will make it available to the public.

Trust Our 20+ Years of CRIMINAL LITIGATION Experience

Attempting to navigate the expungement process on your own can be immensely overwhelming. If you are seeking to have your criminal record expunged or sealed, our Aurora expungement attorneys can assist you. With more than two decades of combined legal experience, we have extensive knowledge of the expungement process. We can help you understand your options, determine if you are eligible, and pursue the best route forward for your unique situation. We offer free initial consultations to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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