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When individuals are granted probation or court supervision in lieu of jail time, or are granted conditional discharge, they must meet certain requirements in order to avoid incarceration or re-incarceration. If the court determines that you have not met these requirements, your record is at risk. More importantly, your freedom may be jeopardized. At The Law Offices of David Lee, our experienced Aurora probation violation attorneys can help you examine the details of your situation. We know what to look for in order to build a strong defense on your behalf.

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What are the Conditions of Probation?

Depending on the exact probation sentence you receive, the conditions of your probation may vary. Regardless, it's important that these requirements are met in order to avoid incarceration or other consequences.

Conditions of probation may include:

  • Orders not to violate and criminal statute of any jurisdiction
  • Drug and/or alcohol counseling
  • Anger management and/or domestic violence counseling
  • Sex offender counseling
  • Mandatory random drug screenings
  • Public service work
  • Stay away orders
  • Associated fines and court costs

A probation sentence also requires a defendant to meet with a probation officer provided by the county's court services. The probation officer may determine how your probation requirements will be monitored and any violation can trigger a petition to revoke your probation.

Court Supervision vs. Probation

Court supervision is a type of sentence that is very similar to probation with one key difference: successful completion of the terms of your court supervision and a successful discharge will result in no conviction entered on your criminal record for that particular charge. In other words, court supervision can help protect your record and afford you a better chance at securing future employment, housing, and more. Requirements for court supervision may be very similar to those for probation and you may be required to report to court services. The main advantage of court supervision over probation is that it puts you in a position to petition for expungement of your criminal record at a later date.

What is Conditional Discharge?

Conditional discharge is similar to probation in that it results in a conviction on your criminal record for any type of criminal charge for which you have been sentenced. Unlike probation, however, conditional discharge does not carry the same reporting requirements, though this type of sentence may require the same conditions as probation.

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